Chris Hafer Photography

Born on the 30.11.1972, I spent my childhood in the scenic all but beachfront town Duisburg. There is still controversy if it was the international flair of Duisburg harbour or the wide plains of the Niederrhein that sparked my interest in travel and water.

My slow and prevalently wet start in the sport of sailing on all kind of lakes and ponds, was followed by the rise up in ranking lists of competitive sailing. Getting further and further away from my home waters, I finally finished the olympic dinghy sailing in 2000 and moved on to windsurfing. Meanwhile, after finishing high-school, I enlisted in the University of Cologne, as a back up plan to the potential fame and fortune in sailing which can't be achieved that easily.

Since finishing law school I practice as a lawyer in Duisburg, at least while I'm not lugging heaps of surf- and photographic equipment around the globe, scaring check-in crews at local airports to death.

Travellers have a lot to tell and show what would otherwise get lost in oblivion. So over the last years, not only windsurfing gear but also heavy backpacks with cameras, lenses and all this stuff contributes to the amount of oversized luggage. Just to show others with storytelling and through my lens what captivated me and ignited the spark in me. Pictures of unspoiled places, perfect waves and empty beaches. By the way, sandy beaches are highly overrated, at least from the point of view of a photographer with highly sensitive equipment...

"You don't take a photograph, you make it."
— Ansel Adams

Christian Hafer


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